Safety and Privacy

Creating a safe space online

Klyk should be a safe space for people to connect with one another and share experiences together. Help us keep it that way so that it can be enjoyed by many. We ask that you keep your events and interactions above board and avoid any activity that presents harm to yourself or anyone else. Thanks for using Klyk the way it was intended.

Klyk guidelines

In the event that you are unsure of what behaviour we deem to be inappropriate, we’ve assembled these community guidelines to follow. It’s not rocket science (unless you’re teaching a class on rocket science) but we consider it of paramount importance that each and every user abides by these guidelines so that Klyk can remain a place where people feel comfortable to socialise and engage in conversation with people they know or perhaps are getting to know. By using Klyk, you are agreeing to these community guidelines and our Terms of Use. Klyk responsibly, everyone.


Klyk prohibits any content, behaviour or activity, or the encouragement of any activity that is in violation of the law.

Explicit conduct

Any sexually explicit content, including pornography and nudity, are banned on Klyk. Any person in violation of this rule will be removed from their events and face possible account suspension.

Invading privacy

Misleading others or providing fake information with malicious intent is not acceptable behaviour. Trolling, impersonation or revealing people’s personal information without their consent are considered invasions of privacy and are not in line with Klyk’s values nor Terms of Use.

Threatening behaviour

Klyk does not tolerate threatening behaviour of any kind including - harassment, stalking, predatory behaviour or sexually predatory behaviour, intimidation, acts of violence, coercion or inciting threatening or aggressive behaviour. To violate this rule is to violate the Terms of Use and your Klyk account will be in jeopardy.

Mutual respect

Social connection is built on a foundation of respect for the individual. Get the most out of Klyk by playing nice, being friendly and respecting people you interact with on the platform.

Be a part of our Klyk

We want to protect the integrity of our community. If you see any activity that may be in violation of these community guidelines, please bring this to our attention. This platform operates on the participation of a community that is diverse and autonomous, expressing a range of different values and beliefs. If you see something you don’t like, you can always choose to disengage with that person or activity.

We hope you get the most out of your experiences on Klyk. Thanks for joining us in creating a supportive, dynamic community.

The Klyk team.

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